Sunday, September 15, 2013

Totally OTT and we love it!

I am more on the 'minimal kinda girl' side but sometime you need something flashy, to pop and be totally other the top for the fun of it! OTT is the funky fabulous brand that do just that!

OTT launched with a bang in summer 2005 when two ‘hyper charged’ best friends began collaborating and designing T-SHIRTS as a hobby in Starbucks. Through their nomadic childhood between the Gulf and Europe and their blend of Eastern heritage with personal eccentric expression, a passion to create clothes defined by sophisticated luxury resulted.

I think the name or acronym Over The Top is a perfect expression of it's fabulously eccentricity. I love the mix of style, mix of bright colors and eccentric patterns in a luxurious way. All very vibrant!

From 2007 OTT has launched collections seasonally in Paris. Through high demand and continued credibility OTT is stocked within respected stores and premium boutiques worldwide. Recently OTT has launched OTT cupcakes, a capsule collection for kids. Great gift idea for someone special from someone cool with an edge. Those adorable bodysuits retails for AED85. Check out OTT in Bloomingdale, S*uce and on their facebook page!

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