Saturday, August 31, 2013

Coconut Power

Is coconut a super power food? It certainetly been making a name for itself as a miracle product. After reading more on the subjet on wellness and, i have decided to give it a try. Cost efficient and eco-friendly, coconut oil can be used in numerous ways for overall health, beauty and wellness. Here are my picks on how I will incorporate the oil into my routine.

Hair Mask for a serious deep conditioning treatment. It works! It bring shine, repair damaged and brittle strands while combating frizz. Check out how here! Use a coconut mask once a week for luscious locks. One of my new must.

Heal infections because coconut oil is rich in lauric acid, a fatty acid with antimicrobial, antifungal and antibacterial properties, so it works wonders on cuts and burns. It can also help treat athlete’s foot and other fungal.

Eye Make-Up Remover to get rid of your daily mascara and eye makeup. Wipe away with a cotton ball, it will gently hydrate and condition eyelashes and nourish the delicate skin under your eyes. Also known to help fight puffiness and wrinkles.

Exfoliating Scrub if you mix coconut oil with brown sugar for an allover body scrub. Nourishing exfoliater with holiday scent...

Cooking and baking might be a challenge because we are so use to olive oil but I feel like trying it as a healthier alternative then butter in some baking recipe. Why? Because it's been found to help prevent heart disease, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, and many other degenerative diseases. Also strengthen the immune system and improve digestion. Ouhaa!

It's really important to buy the best coconut oil, a pure virgin organic version with no additives. It shouldn't be heated or highly processed in any way, especially because what we put on our skin and scalp gets absorbed into our skin. Unlike the hydrogenated versions found in processed food, this uniquely curative elixir has been show to have countless health benefits.You can buy Pure Virgine Coconut Oil at Organic Food and Cafe or Down to Earth, around AED27 a jar.

Get totally into it and read The Coconut Oil Miracle and

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Mermaids in The Dubai Mall Aquarium

Couple of days ago Luella and I enjoyed The Mermaid Show at The Dubai Mall Aquarium.
The aquarium is currently transformed into a scene from Disney’s The Little Mermaid, in a show taking place three times daily.

We loved seeing the mermaids performed a beautiful underwater dancing extravaganza
surrended by 140 species, including sharks and stingrays in an exotic marine environment. 

The talented performers, some of whom are Olympic synchronized swimming medalists are performing under the direction of former USA Olympic head coach for the USA synchronized swim team, Stephan Miermont, who was the main character in the world famous ‘O’ show from Cirque du Soleil for 5 years. She also choreographed the water event for Cirque du Soleil and the water video and visual for pop star Kylie Minogue’s Aphrodite tour in 2011.

The show is free and last around 10minutes. It's a nice afternoon thing to see and a good shopping break with the kids if you are on venture in the mall.

5pm, 7pm and 9pm daily, expect Sunday and Wednesday until 7 September. Dubai Mall Aquarium, Dubai Mall.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Treat from Geox

Shoes shopping! Geox is always a favorite choice for children. This year again the collection is designed with style, and fashionable comfort in mind and the everyday wear and tear characteristics associated with children’s shoes. We also like soles made of supple, ultra-thin rubber, trade mark of Geox breathable technology.

Look at the special offer from the Back-to-School collection of the Italian brand’s fashionable Fall/Winter 2013 collection. By purchasing a selected pair of children’s shoes, youngsters will receive an exciting Geox travel bag bursting with essentials exclusively made to fit their needs. The superhero branded trolley bag contains Geox branded school fundamentals such as: a cooler bag to guarantee a fresh meal at lunch time and a hero themed pencil case. Geox also added fun to this year’s Back-to-School set with a snap band and a cereal bowl with branded spoon for a great start into the new school day. A scholastic flair maintained by a fun approach, children will feel empowered especially with this season’s superhero theme.  

A great way to get into the back to school mood and to ensure they have everything they need to make it a smooth transition and enjoyable start into the new school year.
The Back-to-School offer is available at all GEOX stores across the region, including UAE, KSA, Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain from August 2013. Don't miss it!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Kids Style Crush

The Stella McCartney Kids Fall/Winter 2013/2014 collection is a total playful mix of pattern and fun print in soft organic cotton. Loved the mixing of strips, dots, flowers and block color with denim. Wish I was a kid to wear the super fun Indian style ankle boots. All available on and shipped to the UAE. Have a look at the back to school selection and flip through the Magazine Happy shopping!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Back to school round up

Back to school is an exciting time of year! It can also get a little overwhelming with all the excitement, anticipation and just getting back into regular routines. Hopefully those little finds will help you to prepare for the school year ahead and will make things simple and relatively stress-free.

photos from,,,

Have a party!
Sounds crazy to throw a party and add more stress to your already busy schedule?! Sometime it can actually relax everybody and help the children getting in the mood for school and reconnect with their friends. For inspiration (no pressure!) check out and for free printables.

Lunch box ideas
What to buy and make?  How to choose healthy option and get organized? and offer some easy inspirational tips and tricks

Lunch notes
To make your little ones school box, that extra special (on the days you are not going crazy looking for the gym kit) you can add a special touch. A little "love" note. Checkout those easy printable from

Order name labels
Two good options with easy delivery are available in Dubai. I have used for the last two years. You might also like I (actually Luella) put name stickers on everything! Done.

Get organized
At home and with the children, here's how to start... with

Learning apps to know
Need to update your kids apps options? Check out those education games available just on time for back to school time. Read more at And more tech stuff from

Be healthy at school
Prevent, understand, fight it... offers a good recap.

Some good read 
To make it all a little bit easier read more about "good boundaries"and "teachers-tips" on and

Back to School,  "an event which aims to inspire, educate and entertain thousands of Dubai youngsters ahead of the new academic year. If you are not sure what to do with your children after the summer holidays because they have tried everything under the sun and need something new, fun and interactive then Back to School is the event for you." Taking place from 13 – 15 September at Meydan, you and your children will experience a range of activities, products, games and the latest developments relevant to the youth market here in the UAE.

One more thing
For the kids in the UAE, check the new updated All year round the team behind UAE4kidz bring you an updated listening of the good stuff in Dubai.

Back to school / Back pack shopping

BoostaPak from Trunki at

PaddlePak from Trunki at

How cool and practical are those two lines of pack packs from Trunky! 

Boostapak is the great solution, a spacious, hand-luggage approved rucksack which doubles as a booster seat, perfect for car-pooling and family holidays. Perfect for travelling by car, taxi or bus... For ages 4 -12 yrs (15-36 KG or up to 135cm). 

PaddlePak is a cute backpack ideal for days out, trips to the beach, swimming pool or school. It's made from a water resistant, lightweight and durable material with an ingenious roll top that creates a wide opening for easy packing. Ingenious dry seal preventing wet contents leaking through and clips together with a patent pending break-away safety buckle. 

The clever and innovative travel gear for family on the go is available at The one stop online shop where families can enjoy easy shopping from the comfort of their own home. Mumz N Babyz carries the widest selection of products for mumz, babyz and children of all ages. Worth checking out! You will also find more items like school lunch boxes, stationary sets, books... to get your family ready for back to school time.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Pampering with mummy

Did you hear the news about the new Yummy Mummy Morning starting 2nd September at 
The Cure beauty spa in Media City? 

Every Monday between 9 and 11am, book your slot at the child friendly pampering session with free polish changes for you and your little Princess.  /

Instagram: Summer in Provence

It feels like a couple of weeks ago, I was just getting that "school's out for summer" feeling. 
You know when you get all excited about the 60 days of summer. It's been a fantastic 2 months away from the Dubai heat, enjoying Europe with friends and family.
Loved late diners, days at the beach, cocktails by the pool, shopping at the local markets, playing games with the kids, lots of laughing and splashing... 

August is coming to an end, less then a week and we will be traveling back home to Dubai. 
Another chapter to look forward to. It's always exciting to start fresh in September with a new set 
of resolution and good intentions in mind!

Hope you all had a fantastic summer and like us look forward to start fresh! 

Friday, August 2, 2013

Pregnancy style - blogger help

Hello mama to be! Just thought of sharing some good instagram pregnancy style inspiration. Pinterest, instagram and fellow bloggers are a great resource for pregnant women trying to preserve a sense of style. If you lack inspiration, ideas or looking for tips and tricks on how to feel comfortable and confident with your changing body checkout on instagram karenzaro from, stylishmumma, upcloseandstylish. There is also lots of useful and friendly blogs and sites to look at like,, and

They all have mastered the balance between comfort and style and you can to... :)

Thursday, August 1, 2013

A kids must on the Cote d'Azure: Marineland

We took Luella to Marineland in Antibes, it was a nice family day out. Marineland is an animal exhibition park. First, it was a small oceanarium with a few pools and animals but now it is one of the biggest in the world and receives more than 1,200,000 visitors per year. It is the only French sea park featuring two cetacean species: killer whales and dolphins.

Of course in Dubai we are spoiled with opportunity to meet and view dolphins and have fun in water parks. While on the Cote d'Azure looking for things to do with the kids, Marineland and the other neighbor entertainment parks (aquaslpash, adventure golf, kid's island) is a good option. We enjoyed the dolphins, the killer wales, seals shows... and a visit to the polar bears. It was impressive to see and entertaining. There is also a sharks tunnel, penguins, aquarium but nothing to get too impress specially after a visit to the Dubai Mall or the Atlantis! Really it's all about the shows! We spent a good 5 hours in the park. Make sure to wear a hat and suncream. We had some fast-food lunch but you could bring a picnic and enjoy it on the grass under a palm tree. Entrance fee for Marineland is 38euros for adult and 30euros for children above 3. The other parks are cheaper and they offer combo deals. Checkout the website

Now regarding animals in captivity, it's always a sensitive subject. The staff at Marineland demonstrated a real love and knowledge for the animal. It's about educating the public about the species and the danger they encounter  in order to protect them and their environment. The Fondation Marineland explains a lot and justify the work and studies put into the park and the foundation.