Sunday, July 28, 2013

A few things this week...

♥ Mini corn dog muffins recipe, fun for kids picnic from

♥ Cool wallpaper for iPad, iPhone, desktop... visit:

♥ Can't wait for the new Pixar movie: Planes

♥ Cool decor for boys room: magnetic car track

♥ Ice lolly from fruit juice, with gummy bears as a special treat! Sorry can't find the link to the photo.

♥ Experience some fun at Caboodle Pamper & Play this august: Mini Artist Workshop, AED 90, which includes two hours of play, canvas and paints, and face painting for each child. Saturday of August from 3 to 7 pm

♥ Pretty mobile decor for nursery, check out

♥ Light bulb scribble cast pretty cool shadows, something to try. Sorry again, can't find the link to the photo.

♥ For more reading check out this website with 32 brilliant outdoors ideas.

Explore and enjoy! Until next week... :)

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