Friday, June 7, 2013

Re-post: Travelling with kids

This is a re-post from Dubai our Sandbox, as we are getting ready for our summer exile... If you are looking for help on how to travel with kids, how to plan your holidays or choose a destination, check out those useful websites. Wishing you "happy travel".

Summer holidays is upon us. In six weeks we will be on our way to cooler land. We have a busy summer with loads of traveling, including South of France, Sweden, New York and Marrakech, all of it with an adorable pre-schooler! Better start planning...

The good news, has released its top 25 travel blogs for family. That's a great source of tips, practical advices, inspiring destinations and some expertise for families on the go. Thought I might share a few useful links, more to come...

"The foundation of our service has always been finding great places to stay - a big part of taking the fear out of traveling with children knowing what to expect after arriving at a new destination. Parents also need to be confident that they will have the resources necessary to make the trip enjoyable for every family member.
Ciao Bambino has helped hundreds of families successfully experience the joys of traveling together in Europe and now our portfolio covers Hawaii, the Caribbean, and other popular tourist destinations. We don't believe parents need to give up staying somewhere amazing just because they want to travel as a family!"

What you will find? A great list of kid friendly hotels and destinations.


"Travel for busy moms and their brood. Poshbrood is a free catalogue of upscale, luxe and hip cottage, hotels, resorts, villas and inns. Each property is 'mom-tested' and poshbrood-approved."

What you will find? A selection of upscale destination. Travel in style with kids is possible.


"DeliciousBaby is for parents who want to travel with their children, but don't know how to start or who want to learn how to make travel easier and more fun. I share my own travel stories (in the US and internationally) and my best tips and advice on issues like how to keep kids busy on a plane, surviving jet-lag, and flying with car seats."

What you will find? Some good travel tips and packing list.

"Traveling with kids can be daunting. Travel Savvy Mom is a network of moms all over the world who’ve been there and done that. We can help.
We publish a fun mix of reviews, tips, and personal travel experiences. Although our writers are often provided with complimentary goods and services for the purpose of reviewing them (as is common in the travel industry), we only recommend places we would stay ourselves and things we would use."
What you will find? Insider tips to always be prepared for the unexpected.

And our favourite local family travel blog,
To all of you mamas out there preparing for summer traveling good luck! And yes it will be just fine. Enjoy.

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