Friday, June 14, 2013

Little Help from Nature

Looking for a little help, a little pick me up moment? Poor yourself a cuppa'tea. This week I got to try selection of premium organic teas and herbs blended from The HELPS Teas’ parent company, Pharmadus. The leading medicinal plant pharmaceutical laboratory in Europe uses only real ingredients focused on the properties and high quality teas & herbs (not tea dust),  no  “natural” flavorings to create flavor are added. It's true organic gift from nature to you with the best benefits for your health!

The line is really versatile and cater to the whole family for both adults and children. This week, it happened that Luella had a sniffy nose... So we happily tried  the The HELPS Teas children’s product line. BREATHE, to alleviate your child’s cold and flu symptoms and DREAMS, to calm and relax them before bed time. We have kept handy if ever needed FOR LITTLE TUMMIES, to promote relief from a variety of stomach problems; and FOR REHYDRATION DIETS, to help replenish your sick child’s fluid levels. Luella was pleased to have her own tea box, we hadded a little honey and all went down nicely...

I have enjoyed HELPS GREEN TEA LEAVES and HELPS RELAX. The line expend to many more solution to your everyday health need. I recommend HELPS teas for everyone of all ages.

HELPS DIGESTION is a delicious combination of plants with digestive properties, which will help you to overcome heavy meals and to reduce gases, while making you feel more relaxed.

HELPS RELAX is a combination of herbal plants. It is an ideal drink when taking a break, so that you can relax and forget everything that causes you stress or produces tension in your daily life. It will also help you to sleep well.

HELPS MENOPAUSE is a special combination of plants that helps control the excessive sweating, irritability and hot flushes, which are characteristic of certain female conditions (menstruation, menopause…). Feel more like yourself again.

HELPS GREEN TEA LEAVES. It may help you feel better both inside and out thanks to its antioxidant properties which neutralize the effects of free radicals. And may also help to keep your skin looking young.

HELPS BREATHE is a smooth combination of plants that helps breathing. It soothes the respiratory tracts and helps to relieve coughs.

HELPS SLIM BODY is a pleasant and effective herbal tea to eliminate the body waste and aid intestinal transit.

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