Sunday, June 30, 2013

Mini Foodies Fun @ Caboodle

Too bad we are gonna miss some Caboodle fun!!! Away from Dubai we will not get to play little chef at The Mini Foodies - Culinary Kids Festival! If you are around don't miss out and let us know how much fun you had...

Caboodle Pamper & Play is hosting a great event this July with two full days of culinary fun on the 4th and 5th of July! "An interactive journey of food: create your own rice crispy balls; dip your own mini ice lolly in a multitude of topping and dips; skewer your fruit kebabs; and, concoct your own fruit juice! It doesn't end there, we have a host of edible arts and crafts, such as cereal necklace making, and plate art. Great foodie fun and more for only AED 120 per child."

To make the event even more special, be part of the nutrition talk on July 4, 3 to 5pm, with an expert nutritionist guest from healthy eating caterer, Right Bite, where parents will be treated to informative tips on nutritious eating for the children!

Kids Travel Journal

I like the idea of a travel memory book or travel journal for kids. It's a great way to get the little ones excited about the trip, record memories and encourage a little creative writing or drawing practice. You can buy a ready made travel journal from a book store or if you like to be a bit crafty, there are some great printable and free options online to make your own kids travel booklet.

A travel scrapbook can showcase photographs from your trip as well as printed souvenirs gathered along the way, such as business cards, sweets labels, cafe napkins, and sightseeing entrance tickets.

Bring along some art supplies - markers, stickers, glue stick, ... Work on it during quiet time, during a long plane or car trip when they really don’t feel like sitting still! A forever keepsake to cherish...

For inspiration checkout:

Friday, June 28, 2013

Smile for Summer Sales

Don't miss out on summer sale, up to 50% on lovely children clothing from Chloé, IKKS, Tartine et Chocolat, Ralph Lauren, and so much more...

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Scandinavian influence

I have been going to Sweden every summer for the last 15 years to visit my hubby's family... There is always a sense of harmony and warmth that stands out. It's a combination of warm welcome with food and drinks, candles burning everywhere, beautiful craftsmanship and design interior. The cold winter months explain the attention given to the home and food, the short months of midsummer night explain the love of nature and parties.

Scandinavian interior are renowned for their simplicity, utility, and beautiful understated elegance. Scandinavian homes are characterized by the use of earthy muted tones, honest materials, clean lines and warm functionality. Very livable! More inspiration with When it comes to children's bedroom, it's a very similar concept of functionality and warmth. Often grey,white and black with few pops of colour. A kid space that is also adult friendly and stylish!

This is how I see Sweden! Sverige in i mitt hjärta! 

Monday, June 24, 2013

Photo a day - our second round

Like millions of participants 
I am getting ready to start the photo a day challenge of July!
Are you familiar with the concept? 
Checkout my previous posts: 
or visit: 

It will be my second time participating in the photo challenge, I am planning 
to get Luella involved. It's a fun and creative way to stir children interest in 
their surrounding and a perfect summer activity.

Raise the barre with FlyBarre

Last week I had the opportunity to try out a FlyBarre class with the lovely ladies from Emirates Woman Magazine. Let me tell you more about this killer workout! 

FlyWheel / FlyBarre arrived to Dubai a few months ago and it is becoming a real hit as a revolutionary form of workout. I have not tried FlyWheel-indoor cycling but it will be on my to do list on my return to Dubai after summer. FlyBarre provides a very complete form of body sculpting. It combines the disciplines of yoga, dance, circuit training, pilates and strength building with the Flywheel touch. A full-body workout based on high repetitions at low weights. It is designed to lengthen, tone, and sculpt. The fast-paced music, the different props, weights, small exercise ball, stretchy band, and the ballet barre will completely exhaust your muscles using lots of little pulses so they get toned and lean.

It's a must try challenging workout! Combined with FlyWheel you will change your body and improve your overall physic. FlyWheel offers a variety of packages! AED110 per class / AED500 for 5 classes. Fist try is for free... Located in Burj View, Downtown Dubai.
Click here to know more.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Our weekend on instagram

We are in beautiful Skåne Sweden! 
Celebrating midsummer festival with flowers in our hair.
Enjoying the fresh sea breeze on our morning workout.
Loving romantic clouds in the sky.

To know more about midsummer check our previous post:

Monday, June 17, 2013

Everyday Summer fun for kids...

The constant search for indoor entertainment for the kids... Here's another option and it's free!

Mercato, the popular mall at the heart of Jumeirah Beach Road, is hosting it's 16th edition of Dubai Summer Surprises. Today, we watched "City of Friends" a 30 minutes live show for children. Featuring a live host and three costumed characters: Max, the only monkey in the world who works in the police service and the mischief maker in the community; Elphie, a bubbly and adventure-loving elephant whose impressive trunk and water-shooting abilities make her a natural fire-fighter; and Ted, a very caring teddy bear who has recently qualified as a paramedic and started work at the ambulance service lending a paw to those in need. Together they focus on all aspects of emergency services and teach safety to kids. 

There is something going on everyday until the 7th of July... Check out the full program,

Friday, June 14, 2013

Shopping find... It's a steal!


Our last minute shopping bargains... really on the cheap side! And we love it! ;)
Trolley bag AED49 from Babyshop, swimming suit from Carrefour AED39, t-shirt from Max AED15, activity books from Carrefour AED5 each, brazilian style set bracelets AED75 from Aldo.

Little Help from Nature

Looking for a little help, a little pick me up moment? Poor yourself a cuppa'tea. This week I got to try selection of premium organic teas and herbs blended from The HELPS Teas’ parent company, Pharmadus. The leading medicinal plant pharmaceutical laboratory in Europe uses only real ingredients focused on the properties and high quality teas & herbs (not tea dust),  no  “natural” flavorings to create flavor are added. It's true organic gift from nature to you with the best benefits for your health!

The line is really versatile and cater to the whole family for both adults and children. This week, it happened that Luella had a sniffy nose... So we happily tried  the The HELPS Teas children’s product line. BREATHE, to alleviate your child’s cold and flu symptoms and DREAMS, to calm and relax them before bed time. We have kept handy if ever needed FOR LITTLE TUMMIES, to promote relief from a variety of stomach problems; and FOR REHYDRATION DIETS, to help replenish your sick child’s fluid levels. Luella was pleased to have her own tea box, we hadded a little honey and all went down nicely...

I have enjoyed HELPS GREEN TEA LEAVES and HELPS RELAX. The line expend to many more solution to your everyday health need. I recommend HELPS teas for everyone of all ages.

HELPS DIGESTION is a delicious combination of plants with digestive properties, which will help you to overcome heavy meals and to reduce gases, while making you feel more relaxed.

HELPS RELAX is a combination of herbal plants. It is an ideal drink when taking a break, so that you can relax and forget everything that causes you stress or produces tension in your daily life. It will also help you to sleep well.

HELPS MENOPAUSE is a special combination of plants that helps control the excessive sweating, irritability and hot flushes, which are characteristic of certain female conditions (menstruation, menopause…). Feel more like yourself again.

HELPS GREEN TEA LEAVES. It may help you feel better both inside and out thanks to its antioxidant properties which neutralize the effects of free radicals. And may also help to keep your skin looking young.

HELPS BREATHE is a smooth combination of plants that helps breathing. It soothes the respiratory tracts and helps to relieve coughs.

HELPS SLIM BODY is a pleasant and effective herbal tea to eliminate the body waste and aid intestinal transit.

Get more info and product details at

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Father's day special !

Father's day is approaching! Check out this really cool FREE printable from Paper Couture, it's such a lovely way to celebrate the man / daddy in your life...

Easy to use. Just download, print and get your child to fill it in or paste a photo!

Click here to download

Monday, June 10, 2013

Paper Couture: Stationary and so much more...

This is the work of a talented lady: Sangeeta Kumar-D’souza. The creative mind behind Paper Couture, your one stop shop for beautiful personalized monograms , birthday invite, baby shower announcement, birth notes, address labels, stickers, stamps, family stationery & wedding invites and so much more... Stylish and elegant design, you are sure to find a solution to your need. The process is easy and reasonably priced. For example, choose from a large range of pre-designed logos, done in different styles like modern, decorative, traditional and then customized it to fit your family name, colour and font and only get charge for printing. You also have the option of a fully customise piece for AED680. There is lots of different package options, for AED250, you can get 15 stickers, 10 note cards and 10 gift tags.

I think Children’s stationery is a beautiful and thoughtful gift. You can use it for thank you note or when they attend birthday parties. Also think that every lady should actually own her own personalized stationery sets, letterheads, thank you notes, note cards... A sophisticated touch to your correspondence.

+97155 956 2789

Friday, June 7, 2013

Re-post: Travelling with kids

This is a re-post from Dubai our Sandbox, as we are getting ready for our summer exile... If you are looking for help on how to travel with kids, how to plan your holidays or choose a destination, check out those useful websites. Wishing you "happy travel".

Summer holidays is upon us. In six weeks we will be on our way to cooler land. We have a busy summer with loads of traveling, including South of France, Sweden, New York and Marrakech, all of it with an adorable pre-schooler! Better start planning...

The good news, has released its top 25 travel blogs for family. That's a great source of tips, practical advices, inspiring destinations and some expertise for families on the go. Thought I might share a few useful links, more to come...

"The foundation of our service has always been finding great places to stay - a big part of taking the fear out of traveling with children knowing what to expect after arriving at a new destination. Parents also need to be confident that they will have the resources necessary to make the trip enjoyable for every family member.
Ciao Bambino has helped hundreds of families successfully experience the joys of traveling together in Europe and now our portfolio covers Hawaii, the Caribbean, and other popular tourist destinations. We don't believe parents need to give up staying somewhere amazing just because they want to travel as a family!"

What you will find? A great list of kid friendly hotels and destinations.


"Travel for busy moms and their brood. Poshbrood is a free catalogue of upscale, luxe and hip cottage, hotels, resorts, villas and inns. Each property is 'mom-tested' and poshbrood-approved."

What you will find? A selection of upscale destination. Travel in style with kids is possible.


"DeliciousBaby is for parents who want to travel with their children, but don't know how to start or who want to learn how to make travel easier and more fun. I share my own travel stories (in the US and internationally) and my best tips and advice on issues like how to keep kids busy on a plane, surviving jet-lag, and flying with car seats."

What you will find? Some good travel tips and packing list.

"Traveling with kids can be daunting. Travel Savvy Mom is a network of moms all over the world who’ve been there and done that. We can help.
We publish a fun mix of reviews, tips, and personal travel experiences. Although our writers are often provided with complimentary goods and services for the purpose of reviewing them (as is common in the travel industry), we only recommend places we would stay ourselves and things we would use."
What you will find? Insider tips to always be prepared for the unexpected.

And our favourite local family travel blog,
To all of you mamas out there preparing for summer traveling good luck! And yes it will be just fine. Enjoy.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Sponsored video - GALAXY Note II and Coach's Eye

As a blogger I use a smart phone constantly to capture new post ideas, write blog posts, and share photos and video on social media platform. It's all fun and work in a perfect balance most of the time. Here's a new device worth checking out...

I was introduced to the GALAXY Note II. The innovative design of the GALAXY Note II includes a large screen with high clarity and a 16:9 screen ratio while maintaining a slim body to fit just right in your hand – perfecting all viewing experiences. The pen tool is convenient and a positive multitasking feature. You can write down directions, phone numbers, and other information while on a call and you can multiple tasks on the same screen at the same time with no screen transitions.

Along with this introduction of the GALAXY Note II was a special featured app: Coach's Eye. This is probably the best way for coaches and athletes to take their game to the next level. A coaching tool designed to make it easier than ever to record, share, and even compare videos. Coach's Eye provides video capture with slow-motion review, drawing tools, and simple sharing.You can record the players and instantly show them how to improve, right on the field. Refine your pitcher's fastball, analyze your golf swing, easily break down a volleyball serve, improve soccer skills. The GALAXY Note II powerful camera / video is a great device for this app.

To understand more the power feature behind GALAXY Note II and Coach's Eye App have a look at this video. Professional tennis coach Jason Harrison introduces the Coach's Eye app, highlighting how the GALAXY Note II, with its 5.5-inch screen and HD Super AMOLED display, is the perfect device for viewing and analysing sports footage.

Somehow, I find it very impressive and useful for coaching youngsters. It's a great way to promote dedication to the sport, discipline, learn to makes the adjustments, positive practice in a fun and efficient way. I am also thinking great father's day gift idea!

This post has been sponsored by Samsung.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Monday fun at FunCIty

Looking for some indoor fun?! Head to FunCity at Oasis Mall on Mondays, it's "Fun Day in Fun City". Kiddie Rides, Big Rides, Video Games are AED1 that's a good deal not to miss...