Thursday, April 18, 2013

Little Miss GlamOnYou - event

Back in Dubai yesterday and already on the go... to the launch of Dubai-Based Fashion House, GlamOnYou first Children’s Collection: ‘Little Miss’. The collection features chic and playful dresses inspired by the women’s collection. Some of GlamOnYou signatures pieces like kaftans, playful and evening dresses are replicated in "mini me" size for the little princesses in our lives. You will love the soft beige tones mixed with vibrant neon details and dazzling hues and patterns. It's all about great design, beautiful fabric and attention to details. Softness and comfort are kept in mind for practicality. The capsule collection is perfect for birthday celebrations, elegant play dates, parties, or weddings.

“My daughter loves dressing up and always wants to wear my dresses, which gave me the idea of creating a collection just for girls. Living in the Middle East there are so many occasions for kids to dress up but it is hard to find something that is chic but still playful and age appropriate. With ‘Little Miss’ by GlamOnYou I want girls to feel as fabulous as their mothers,” said the lovely Nadine Arton, Designer and Founder of GlamOnYou. Nadine and her sweet daughter wore matching dresses in white and neon color in flowing fabric, stunning!

The beautiful showroom is located in Jumeirah1, it displays GlamOnYou sophisticated, cosmopolitan and glamorous collection as well as the new 'Little Miss' line.

Thank you to GlamOnYou and the lovely ladies from SeptPR for sharing with us this amazing collection from Nadine Arton. Playful and Glamourous! ♥

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