Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Good head start...

I am no fashion/beauty blogger but though of sharing this today...
Most of the time, I get stock into the same hairstyle routine. Morning school run are not the time to experiment and I just take the easy route of the plain ponytail or no fuss bun. After a quick look around I find a few easy (seems easy) style to be inspired by. So instead of slicking back my hair and pulling it into a pony, I might make an effort to back comb, wrap some air around the hair tie or braid a strand... If you find yourself in a bind of what to do with your long locks check out those inspiration pins. 

This boho bun is my must try! Braids are easy and fun, a head scarf  is a good idea to hide a bad hair day.... More inspiration here. Have fun!

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