Monday, February 18, 2013

tiny art / s*uce / art week

I love those kind of Artsy initiative for kids to get involved in!

Coming back again this year the A to the R to the T (Am so Ridiculously Talented) campaign aims to celebrate and nurture the artistic talent of young children. All children are little experimenting artist!

Anyone from 4 to 15 years old can participate. Draw your family in any style and medium you choose on a A4 paper landscape format. Don't forget name and contact details. You must also complete the sentence "I like art because..." Email to art@shopatsauce.comor drop off at one of S*uce boutique.

The artwork will be uploaded to all through February and March. To be considered to be featured on gift hampers sold at s*uce you need to submit by February 20th! Quick, get the kids paint out and let them be creatively wild... 

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