Thursday, February 21, 2013

it's BookMunch time

If you are around Safa Park area... wondering where to spend one hour... Look no further and push the door open to BookMunch. The new bookstore / café located in Al Wasl Square is a little delightful spot.

Colorful and cosy it's pleasing to children and welcoming to mummies. Feel free to brows the book collection, the walls are filled with a large selection for children and adults. The playful tent is a great spot for kids to browse through the books.

Between two lovely stories book, Luella and I got to cosy up on a sofa with coffee and croissant. The menu offers a large selection of breakfast items, light bites, sandwiches, salads and more. The kids menu made us smile and tickled our appetite. We will try "Charlie and Lola's ocean nibbles with cloud fluff and moon squirters", or "Humpty Dumpty egg omelet" next time...

1 comment:

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