Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A perfect 'caboodle' afternoon

How do you treat a little girl to something special? Take her for a fun afternoon at Caboodle Dubai Mall. The pamper & play experience dedicated to offering a fun, educational, and stimulating environment where children can learn through play and exploration. It's also a spa where mothers and daughters can get pampered together and share special time.

Today, we had a lovely time celebrating Valentine's day with the very friendly staff and other delighted children. It was just perfect, from arts&craft with a love theme, to princess dress up, to manicure, to face painting and delicious treats.

Luella had a fantastic time while I sipped my coffee and watched her socializing, getting pampered and overhaul having a great playtime.

Caboodle is a treat for mums and children, it is a wining formula and we love it! Next time we might have to get Luella her first haircut at their super stylish salon.

Valentine's day event is still on tomorrow February 14th. Or visit anytime for some guaranteed fun!

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