Monday, January 28, 2013

Social networking: Vine

The new 'hit thing' was released a few days ago and is already the talk of the town. Vine is a smartphone app, users can create videos with it, which when edited, becomes a 6 second animated gif format that loops. 

Acquired by Twitter it can be embedded in a tweet, with the 140 character limit of Twitter. Very easy to use, no editing required – you just hold down the screen to record new clips and it ties them all together in the end. Then you share them to your feed just like instagram. Unfortunately it looks like there is some issues and disagreement with facebook usage... Let's see how it unfold.

" Vine is the best way to see and share life in motion. Create short, beautiful, looping videos in a simple and fun way for your friends and family to see." - iTunes

Read more about Vine on:

Have a look, see what you think, know what's it all about, have some video fun or move on if not interested! I am gonna give it a go and see... :)

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