Tuesday, January 15, 2013

From Artist to Scientific

Another fun afternoon at Apple Seeds Dubai! Yesterday Luella took part of a new class called "Beakers and Brushes", a combo class of the already popular "My Chelsea art opening" and a fun science experimenting class called "Ooohhh Aaahh Iiiccckkk". It's a grand total of 1h30 of good learning fun.

We started with Mrs Claudia, an experienced art lover who told us about mixing primary colors to make secondary colors. We got to experience painting on different textures and just getting all messy with different mediums and tools. The 45 min went too quickly said Luella.

Off goes the painting apron and on goes the lab coat. Another lovely instructor briefly explain the scientific method "Ask, Guess and Try" using our 5 senses " Smell, Hear, Taste, Touch and See". Yesterday's class was all about "seeing", with easy and friendly words and explanation we got to learn about the eye all while having great fun! From looking into a mirror to drawing the 5 different part of the eye, to trying different kind of glasses... it was eye opening fun for the 6 kids involved in the class.
The rest of the class was hands-on experiment pouring tubes and mixing with spatulas to create a green slimy 'goo' that glow in the dark! And yep, we got to take it home.... Luella lost her on the way home somewhere... drama! ;)

The quality of the classes and the facilities at Apples Seeds are to high standards, a quality that comes with a price. The Apple Seeds team is very friendly and knowledgeable. We are hooked!

Check out appleseedsdubai.com for membership and classes details.

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