Monday, September 17, 2012

Another App post!

I really love my iPhone (but I admit I never tried any other android phone and I am mac user). I can't go anywhere without it, and I am very dependent of the apps I use. From Facebook, Instagram, texting friends, looking up things on Google, sending birthday card and love note with RedStamp, calendar and day planing... It's my tool box for everything!

 I have compiled a list of apps, you might already know some... feel free to share with us your ultimate favorite apps.

Best to do list, Wunderlist. You can create many lists and sync them to your computer. I have many list like "things to buy", "blog post ideas", "Luella", "grocery", "school",... and that's how this task and management tool keeps me organized. The other great organizer help is cozy family. The useful app that helps you manage the family schedule, organize shopping lists and to do lists all in one place. Both free.

For new mum Baby Connect: If you’re expecting a baby or have an under 3 months old, it's a useful buy. This app will let you know when baby last slept and for how long, last ate, when you last changed diaper... You will also like the milestone records, and all the useful extra like pediatric visit, medical infos, photos. A good baby tracker device for parents to track, log and share daily information about their babies.

Put it in the Pocket! It’s a reader, a bookmarker and formatter. Every time you find an article you’d like to read but don’t have time for, you hit read later and it instantly adds it to your pocket. That's your special place for articles to read, all in one nice and easy format. Available on ios5 only. Free

First Aid by American Red Cross, one of those we don't want to have to use but good to have. The official American Red Cross First Aid app puts expert advice for everyday emergencies in your hand. Free

If you are still looking for apps to make your life as a mommy just that little extra easier, fun and organized... check out Moms with apps. It breaks down all of the best apps for moms in various categories. The "new" section will keep you in the loop with all the up and coming apps. Great resource to help moms find the right apps.