Thursday, June 21, 2012

Looking for a nursery...

Today's post is actually a re-post. Luella has "graduated" from Home Grown Nursery and is now ready to start primary school in September. It's been such a great journey for her, she has blossomed into a confident little person. I just wanted to share with you this blog post regarding this truly special nursery in Dubai. If you are looking into nursery for your little one, please pay a visit to Home Grown Nursery, you might find it as inspiring as it was for us.

Today, was day 3 for Luella at “Home Grown Children's Eco Nursery”. The excitement is still on…

So what is it all about? What does it says on the “box”? 
“Home Grown Children's Eco Nursery is the UAE's first 'Green Thinking' children's nursery, inspired by motherly instincts and the harmony of nature. 
The nursery's values are embodied in our philosophy 'Nurtured by Nature'”. 

Interested, here’s more…
In practice they have develop a “green Curriculum” based on the British pre-school learning programme, in an environment that generates a respect and awareness for themselves, others and the world around them. All teachers are qualified and specially trained to incorporate ecological concept in their 
class room. 

What makes it a “Green Nursery”
- Use of non-toxic, eco-friendly toys and outdoor equipment made from sustainable materials.
- Use of green cleaning products to maintain hygiene standards.
- Eco-friendly indoor and outdoor flooring and furniture
- An organic vegetable patch free from pesticides
- Reduced waste by recycling paper, cans and glass and utilising a compost pit for wet garbage that contributes to the organic garden
- Communication encouraged via email or website to save paper
- Encourage parents to participate in conservation and eco-friendly community projects
- Lessons in conservation, preservation, saving rain forests, protecting endangered species, composting, recycling and organic gardening
- Learning to embrace the simple joys of life

The little extras that make a difference.
Every child that enrols at the nursery is paired with one in India from a day shelter that keeps children off the streets. See “Harmony House”. A part of the school fees go to support their education. Today, Luella received her first drawing and a photo from Tattu, a little girl from the sponsored school outside Delhi. It's a wonderful way for Luella to become more involved in another child life and with time understand the difference with those less fortunate.

Starting soon, every child will plant a tree that will have their name plaque on it and they will be responsible for watering and nurturing it. Lovely idea.

Extra curriculum activities like “little linguists” will introduce French and Arabic, “Bendy Babies” is mini version of yoga, “Little Monet” is an introduction to artists and creative expression, “Little green fingers” is about digging in the organic vegetable patch,…

Most of all…
The staff is incredibly kind, thoughtful and passionate. There is a sense of serenity and warmth within the premises. The traditional methods of teaching are totally incorporated with the “green” concept in order to offer the best to our children and encouraging a natural love of learning.

On top of that the co-founder and head of nursery Mrs Lucy Bruce is also the founder of the Delhi-based Harmony House charity. She was winner of the prestigious Emirates Woman of the Year award, in the Humanitarian category in 2010. What an inspirational lady!

- Blog post dated 27/09/2011


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