Thursday, April 26, 2012

Michel and Augustin made it to the UAE

My lovely friend shared with me a little scoop... "Michel and Augustin" products are now available in Spinneys! What a good news for us french food lover and for everyone else looking for delicious treats like cookies, savoury snacks, smoothies and yogurts .

Michel de Rovira and Augustin Paluel-Marmont, two young Frenchmen with a passion for food and a dream to materialize, established "Michel and Augustin" in 2005. The success comes from an approach that combines tasty food with a feel-good attitude towards work and life. «Our philosophy is simple», explains Michel. «If it’s not fun, why do it? We wanted to make the best cookies with natural ingredients only – and have lots of fun in the process».

Using only things that you may find in your own cupboard or buy in a retail shop and rejecting any industrial ingredients was the key to product development. "We want people to understand exactly what’s in our biscuits".

We love the drinkable yogurt (cow to drink) and cookies (petits sablés)! Still need to try the new addition of salty snacks like pink pepper and thyme or sweet chilli biscuits.

Check out the website, you will get a better idea about Michel and Augustin the two fun and cheerful friends from high school sharing a passion.

Available in Spinneys across Dubai.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Things I like this week...

♥ Something "other the top"... very Dubai...
Hello Kitty Beauty Spa is opening very soon at Town Center Jumeirah. Dedicated to the little princesses in your heart, this new girly gem offers manicures, pedicures and hair styling! A lovely treat for any little girl or a birthday bash venue for the ultimate party experience. Bling!

♥ Something crafty... Hand print calendar. Fun activity or cool idea for homemade gift and cards.
E is for EXPLORER! cool website.

♥ Something yummy... Easy recipe. Aubergines, fresh herbs, parmesan, creme fraiche... all good! Can't wait to try out.

♥ Something DIY... coloring case for kids using a dvd case. Practical for car trip or on the go entertainment. 

Back in the sandbox


We are now back in Dubai, settling well into our daily routine after 3 lovely weeks away in Europe. We visited my parents in Nice, South of France, then had a great first snow and ski experience for Luella in Austria and celebrated Easter with family in Germany. Sharing with you a photo collage... :)

Sorry for being away from the blog. Hope you all enjoyed your spring break and Easter holiday, for the ones celebrating.

Look forward to share more blog posts with you.
Emily and Luella