Sunday, March 4, 2012

Genie for hair despair

Recently, some of Dubai our Sandbox readers requested product reviews on cool stuff available in Dubai. Your request was heard, watch this space for feature on items I believe can make your life a easier!

My first pick had to be the Knot Genie. This detangling brush will be the solution for a tear free brushing session and the end to the hair grooming drama with the kids.

What's so special and how does it work? The handle free brush features some unique uneven bristle that acts like tiny fingers – separating and undoing knots, without tearing hair from its follicles in the process. The bristles are not firm like traditional brushes and therefore bend to gently untie knots.

At home our Knot Genie experience was successful and nearly pain free. The novelty of the product helped the process and now Luella enjoys trying to brush her own hair (and mine). It was efficient on dry and wet hair and resulted in soft and shiny hair. The Knot Genie is not a miracle product but it's definitely a very convenient product that makes a difference. It's now a keeper in our house! The Knot Genie brand has a mission, and that mission is simply this: Detangle life… And it does just that! Wish granted! Thank you Genie!

The Knot Genie currently comes in three different colors: Puff of Purple, Blue Cloud and Fairy Pink. Available at and Favourite Things.
Retail price: 80 AED

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