Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Counting down...

December 1st is coming up... In our home we always looked forward to counting down the days before Christmas with an Advent Calendar. This lovely tradition from Germany 19th century is a great way to get the Christmas spirit into the house.

You can get the "basic" chocolate version from the supermarket, or get the fabric version with little pockets to fill up with goodies... or be creative and craft your own version! It's a very versatile project, so much can be done... 
For loads of great ideas check out  "The Creative Place" or Martha Stewart.
photo: marthastewart.com


  1. Hi Em! I just found an app called Swedish Christmas - an Advent Calendar with the typical Swedish traditional songs and sights. If you want to get a bit of the Swedish x-mas spirit going in Dubai :). Kram Jessica

  2. Great. So sweet!
    Thank you.... POK to you all.