Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pediatric First Aid Course

It's been on my mind for a while and somehow I just haven't done anything about it... Do you know this feeling? That's how I felt about having a child and feeling guilty for not knowing the basic procedure in case of an emergency.

Well since yesterday morning, it's no longer a worry. I now feel more confident and I am aware of infant/child Pediatric emergency response and pediatric first aid.

Thanks to Back to Basic which is the first community pediatric first aid programme to be accredited in the region, targeted at parents and home help.

The 3 hours course includes topics like "Preparing your home for an emergency", "Respond to an Unconscious infant and Child", Choking and Rescue Drowning. The method of teaching includes videos and hands on practice on infant/child mannequins. It's a very interactive course which makes it effective! The more you practice and engage in the training the more you will remember.

I came home with a feeling of accomplishment and reassurance. I never want to have to use my new acquired knowledge but I am pleased to possessed it. You will also walk away with a copy of the really well done Multi lingual Back to Basics reference guide (First Aid for infants & children) and laminated fridge cards on CPR & Choking.

It's one of those easy thing to do... do the course... it could save a life!

Cost per person is AED 360
Our courses are delivered in Arabic/English/Tagalog and there is reference guides to follow in Arabic/English/Filipino/Sri Lankan/Indonesian.

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