Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Something about us...

Today, I wanted to share with you two photos that Luella took with my iPhone. Please meet our extended family members, Vovve and Franky. They are scruffy, run down and old time favorites. They mean the world to my daughter and somehow to a certain extend to us as well.

Franky from Frankfurt is kind of a soft cloth bunny. Luella was 6 months when he became her first best sleeping companion. He stays in her bed and wait quietly for her to come at nap time or for night sleep... She tries to sneak him out of bed now and then... but she knows the rule!

Vovve (doggy in Swedish), is a little dog, and he's not so cute! He's a "freebie", a gift from the hotel we stayed at in Turkey. Luella was 18 months and from day one, they became inseparable. He has travelled the world and followed her to many places.

They will always be part of our family memories, and with her for ever.

What about your children cuddly toys? Feel free to share stories and photos of your children snugly companions. I would love to create a collage of those beautiful children memories.

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  1. Vovve is so cute! My little one likes to eat the fur off stuffed animals (yuck, I know) so he's only allowed Sophie the Giraffe at the moment but he seems to adore her!