Friday, June 24, 2011

Swedish festivities

Happy Midsummer (Glad Mid Sommar in Swedish)! I have been celebrating this wonderful  swedish summer celebration for the last 10 years... And I love it. In Sweden it's a national holiday, celebrated on the Friday closest to June 24th. Its an ancient pagan fertility celebration.

How to celebrate?
Decorate a Maypole (in Swedish Majstång) with flowers and leaves. Gather friends and family to dance and sing around the celebrating pole.
Make flower wreaths to wear on your headattaching flowers, leaves and twigs to a wire wreath frame. 
Invite friends and family over for dinner. Festive gatherings are an important part of Swedish traditions and take on special meaning during the solstice. 

Serve your guests traditional Swedish food like new potatoes, herrings, salmon. Prepare fresh strawberries and ice cream for a perfect mid summer desert. Skål! 

This year, it's slightly different, we are celebrating in Dubai... :)

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