Saturday, June 11, 2011

Home cooking to your door is a new concept to Dubai home food delivery. Freshly made with quality ingredients by chef Bertrand and his team. Casserole offers a family meals solution to everyone busy schedule without feeling the guilt of unhealthy fast food delivery.

"As a solution, Casserole has developed a concept where Dubai residents can buy chef-prepared tasty and delicious meals packaged ready to heat and serve at home or in the office. All the preparation and cooking is done – the meal only requires reheating therefore eliminating the problem of luke-warm take away food or having to shop for all the ingredients. Within 5 minutes of walking in your front door a hot, tasty, wholesome meal can be on the table for you to enjoy."

Have a look at the well designed website, the lovely photography and start salivating at the exciting menu of french food, italian classics, and so much more. Casserole makes it easy for you to enjoy our meals by offering the option to order online or by calling 800 707. You can order in advance, selecting your delivery day and time or order when you are hungry for immediate delivery.

Not been "tried and tested" by our family yet but love the  convenient  idea and the yummy looking food!

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