Tuesday, May 3, 2011

lovely family

The amazing thing about blogging is that you "meet" in virtual life amazing people you would not other wise. You get into a little bit of their life... and somehow you feel like you know them...

Well, I got my self "hooked" on a lovely family from North America through their blog: "Love and twenty toes". Alli, mother of two little princesses always post beautiful photos, projects, recipes and share her thoughts on everything pretty. It's just sweet and light. I secretly wish, they were our neighbours and we could do tea parties and craft projects together!

We are on opposite side of the world, but blogspot connected us. The wonderful thing about technology.


  1. Love blogs, especially photo packed ones, and witty writing and fun stories. I got myself hooked on an American ranching family... I have never lived on a ranch nor do I know anything about keeping cows and horses, but I love it.. lol
    The Pioneer Woman http://thepioneerwoman.com/

    Off to check out Love and Twenty Toes (love the blog name).

  2. Thanks for your comment...
    I know this blog, it's lovely.

  3. thank you for this!! that was so sweet!!! xoxo