Monday, April 11, 2011

Dubai blog community (part 1)

Here's a few suggestions (interesting, fun, inspiring) for online reading... Get to know the Dubai blogger community...

The Emirates Economist
"Economic analysis of events in the UAE and Gulf"

Dubai Sally
"My name is Sally. I am living past few years as housemaid in Dubai. I using my maam computer when she not at home. My friend she show me how use blog. She clever she know computer. My maam she not know I write about my work and my life. Please do not tell her."

Dubai's desperate housewife
"Trials and traumas of a full-time mum in Dubai"

Britney of Arabia
" The adventure of a Manchester gal in Dubai... and beyond ..."

Lick my spoon
"Recepies that will make you wish you had more"

UAE Community Blog
"A forum to unite great UAE web diarists"

Any suggestion of blogs for my part 2? 
Are you a blogger? Want to share with us your blog"


  1. Hi, I own a blog called Diva Times that you may wish to share. For more information please visit or

  2. I personally am convinced that Dubai Sally is written by a very creative expat with some spare time! Definitely a fun and interesting read though.

    I really enjoy reading The Hedonista (she is such a fantastic writer)

    Fake Plastic Souks for nice opinion pieces on current events:

    also like Sandier Pastures

    oh and let's not forget the hilarious Dubai stereotype blog Mrs.Madison

  3. Great! Thanks for sharing Wendy!
    I agree about Dubai Sally and also think The Hedonista is an amazing blog writer. Happy to discover the other ones...

    Hope you enjoy Dubai our Sandbox.
    Keep reading and spread the love. ;)

    Kind regards,

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