Sunday, October 16, 2011

Picnic season

Today's blog post is a re-post from last March. Just because the weather is getting better and we are getting in the mood for picnic. Start planing... Happy week to everyone!
 Do you watch the show Mad Men? The picnic scene, when Betty left all the garbage behind was funny. The writers are giving emphasis to what is considered a normal behavior for those years… Watch it here.

The pretty set up of the scene, is inspiring me to organize a picnic in the park. It’s always a fun time to share with kids, friends and family.

There are so many good tips online to help you plan your great outdoor event.
- for recipes
- for all kind of ideas

You can also enjoy another kind of picnic option.
Al Badia Golf Club is offering a stylish Friday Brunch picnic set on the beautiful lush lawns. Kick of your shoes and enjoy fine cuisine.

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